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Drunken Mother :: essays research papers

A Drunken Mother, wow where do I start. This book truly gets one to considering what it was and, at times resembles to be a lady. This book was one of which I could never at any point think to peruse worthwhile motivation of the title. The title to me proposes that it is a book by a lady for a lady and is written in a manner for moms to comprehend. Be that as it may, in actuality it’s the contrary it written in a manner for all to see the preliminaries her life. Nancy begins by discovering that at that point man in the house is supervisor at an early age. Her mom assumes a job of big time disregard and invests a large portion of her energy out doing different things, for example, drinking. At an early age she discovered that the man of the house was the chief and what he said goes. It was right now that she started to fall into the â€Å"female role† of doing things the manner in which they were assume to be finished. She additionally understood that Doctor John was not going to see things her way and that what he needed was to be. This youthful female does all that she can to be effective with skating and what does Doc John do he attempts to remove it. The increasingly more I read the more I needed to peruse in light of the fact that it is a genuine story and it was a tale about the past, not to state that it doesn't occur now. In any case, I’m into history and investigation of relationship, how they start, finish, develop, and wilt. In any case, returning to the story I thought that it was extremely fascinating that Nancy makes a decent attempt to make things work that she surrenders her objectives and motivations in life just to leave one man with issues only for an opportunity to be in an ideal situation and herself. As I was adding something extra to the story I imaged each sentence of each page into a film and was doing in my own little world in my room attempting to shut out the steady murmur of my PC, ticking of my divider clock and now and then my suitemate keeping an eye on me to check whether I was complete the process of perusing. For what reason was my suitemate keeping an eye on me since he needed me to go along with him and another companion in drinking while we viewed the Boston Celtics play.

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SACHIN TENDULKAR free essay sample

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar AM (I/sé™ëˆtêÆ'é ªn té›nëˆduë lké™r/; brought into the world 24 April 1973)[1] is an Indian cricketer broadly recognized as the greatestbatsman in cricket today.[2] In 2002, Wisden Cricketers Almanac positioned him the second most noteworthy Test batsman ever, behind Don Bradman, and the second most prominent one-day-global (ODI) batsman ever, behind Viv Richards.[3] Tendulkar was a piece of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winning Indian group in the later piece of his vocation, his first such success in six World Cup appearances for India.[4] He was additionally the beneficiary of Player of the Tournament grant of the 2003 Cricket World Cup held in South Africa. Tendulkar won the 2010 Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for cricketer of the year at the ICC awards.[5] He has been suggested for the receipt of the Bharat Ratna grant, in truth it has been hypothesized that the models for the honor of the Bharat Ratna were changed to permit him get the honor. We will compose a custom exposition test on SACHIN TENDULKAR or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page [6][7] He is likewise an individual from Rajya Sabha of Parliament of India.[8] Tendulkar passed 30,000 runs in worldwide cricket on 20 November 2009. On 5 December 2012, Tendulkar turned out to be first batsman in history to cross the 34,000 run total in all organizations of the game put together.[9][10][11] At 36 years and 306 days, he turned into the first since forever player to score a twofold century in the historical backdrop of ODIs. After two years he turned into the principal player to score 100 worldwide centuries.[12] As of October 2013, Tendulkar has played 662 matches in global cricket.[13] On 5 October 2013,Sachin Tendulkar turned into the sixteenth player and first Indian to total 50,000 runs in completely perceived cricket (First-class cricket, List A cricket and Twenty20 joined). Amitabh Harivansh Bachchan (IPA: [é™mé ªÃ«Ë†taë bê ± ˈbé™ttêÆ'é™n]; brought into the world 11 October 1942) is an Indian film entertainer. He previously picked up ubiquity in the mid 1970s as the furious youngster of Hindi film, and has since showed up in more than 180 Indian movies in a profession spreading over more than four decades.[1][2]Bachchan is broadly viewed as one of the best and most persuasive on-screen characters throughout the entire existence of Indian cinema.[3][4][5] So all out was his strength of the film scene during the 1970s and 1980s that the French chief Franã §ois Truffaut considered him a one-man industry.[6] Bachchan has won many significant honors in his vocation, including three National Film Awards as Best Actor (a record he imparts to Kamal Hassan andMammootty), various honors atâ international film celebrations and grant services and fourteen Filmfare Awards. He is the most-designated entertainer in any significant acting class at Fi lmfare, with 39 assignments by and large. Notwithstanding acting, Bachchan has filled in as a playback vocalist, film maker and TV moderator. He likewise had a stretch in governmental issues during the 1980s. The Government of India respected him with the Padma Shri in 1984 and the Padma Bhushan in 2001 for his commitments towards human expressions. Rajiv Ratna Gandhi (I/ˈré'ë dê'ië v ˈé ¡Ã©'ë ndië /; 20 August 1944 †21 May 1991) was the 6th Prime Minister of India, serving from 1984 to 1989. He got to work after the 1984 death of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, his mom, to turn into the most youthful Indian head. A scion of the politically incredible Nehruâ€Gandhi family connected with the Indian National Congress party, for quite a bit of Rajivs youth his granddad Jawaharlal Nehru was head administrator. For his advanced degree, he went to Britain where he met and started dating Antonia Maino, an Italian server. Rajiv came back to India in 1966 and turned into an expert pilot for the state-claimed Indian Airlines. In 1968, he wedded Mainoâ€who would along these lines change her name to Sonia Gandhiâ€and the couple settled down in Delhi to an upbeat local existence with their kids Rahul andPriyanka. Despite the fact that for a great part of the 1970s his mom was PM, and his sibling Sanjay employed c ritical informal force, Rajiv stayed objective. In any case, Sanjays passing in a plane accident in 1980, Rajiv hesitantly entered legislative issues at the command of Indira. The next year he won from his siblings Amethi seat and turned into an individual from the Lok Sabha (the lower place of Parliament). As a major aspect of his political preparing, Rajiv was made a general secretary of the Congress and given noteworthy obligation in sorting out the 1982 Asian Games. Kalpana Chawla (March 17, 1962[1] †February 1, 2003) was conceived in Karnal, India. She was the principal Indian-American astronaut[2] and first Indian lady in space.[3] She initially flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a crucial and essential mechanical arm administrator. In 2003, Chawla was one of the seven group individuals slaughtered in the Space Shuttle Columbia calamity. Chawla joined the NASA Astronaut Corps in March 1995 and was chosen for her firstâ flight in 1996. She expressed the accompanying words while going in the weightlessness of room, You are only your insight. She had voyage 10.67 million km, upwards of multiple times around the Earth. Her first space crucial on November 19, 1997 as a major aspect of the six-space explorer group that flew the Space Shuttle Columbia flight STS-87. Chawla was the main Indian-conceived lady and the second Indian individual to fly in space, following cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma who flew in 1984 of every a rocket. On her first crucial, went over 10.4 million miles in 252 circles of the earth, logging over 372 hours in space. During STS-87, she was liable for conveying the Spartan Satellite which broke down, requiring a spacewalk by Winston Scott and Takao Doi to catch the satellite. A five-month NASA examination completely absolved Chawla by recognizing mistakes in programming interfaces and the characterized strategies of flight team and ground control. After the fruition of STS-87 post-flight exercises, Chawla was allocated to specialized situations in the space explorer office to chip away at the space station, her exhibition where was perceived with a unique honor from her friends. Rabindranath Tagoreî ²[†º] elocution (helpâ ·info) (Bengali: à ¦ °Ã  ¦ ¬Ã  §â‚¬Ã  ¦ ¨Ã  § Ã  ¦ ¦Ã  § Ã  ¦ °Ã  ¦ ¨Ã  ¦ ¾Ã  ¦ ¥ à ¦ à ¦ ¾Ã  ¦â€¢Ã  § Ã  ¦ °) (7 May 1861 †7 August 1941),î ³[†º] sobriquet Gurudev,î'[†º] was aBengali polymath who reshaped his districts writing and music. Creator of Gitanjali and its significantly touchy, new and excellent verse,[2] he turned into the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.[3] In interpretation his verse was seen as otherworldly and irregular; be that as it may, his rich composition and supernatural verse remain generally obscure outside Bengal.[4] Tagore presented new exposition and refrain structures and the utilization of casual language into Bengali writing, along these lines liberating it from conventional models dependent on traditional Sanskrit. He was profoundly compelling in presenting the best of Indian culture toward the West and the other way around, and he is for the most part viewed as the exceptional imaginative craftsman of current South Asia.[5][6][7] A Pirali Brahmin[8][9][10][11] from Calcutta, Tagore composed verse as an eight-year-old.[12] At age sixteen, he discharged his first significant sonnets under the nom de plume (Sun Lion), which were taken advantage of by artistic specialists as tragically deceased classics.[5][13] He graduated to his first short stories and dramasâ€and theâ aegis of his introduction to the world nameâ€by 1877. As a humanist, universalist internationalist, and offensive enemy of patriot he criticized the Raj and upheld autonomy from Britain. As a type of the Bengal Renaissance, he propelled a huge ordinance that involved compositions, outlines and doodles, several writings, and around 2,000 melodies; his inheritance suffers additionally in the establishment he established, Visva-Bharati University.[14] Tagore modernized Bengali craftsmanship by scorning unbending old style shapes and opposing etymological inj uries. His books, stories, melodies, move dramatizations, and expositions addressed points political and individual. Gitanjali (Song Offerings), Gora (Fair-Faced) and Ghare-Baire (The Home and the World) are his most popular works, and his stanza, short stories, and books were acclaimedâ€or pannedâ€for their lyricism, expression, naturalism, and unnatural consideration. His creations were picked by two countries as national songs of praise: Indias Jana Gana Mana and Bangladeshs Amar Shonar Bangla.

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Writing an Essay With Latin American Student Sample of Stories

Writing an Essay With Latin American Student Sample of StoriesAn essay to write using Latin American Spanish is different than a standard one. That's because the language, unlike many others, requires that you construct your own story. The main reason why this happens is because the Latin America you're studying is different from the language of the native speakers. Instead of having a story that already exists in the main language, your own Spanish would be an interesting addition to the story.In addition to being a storytelling, Latin American student samples of stories are also read in an unusual way. While they are read from left to right like an English story, there are certain sentences that you have to take into consideration to make sure they fit the main sentences. For example, a specific kind of verb would always come before the subject and vice versa.Of course, these essays are not going to be easy to write. It might take you some time to learn the correct structures to us e in order to make the sentences flow smoothly. You also need to keep in mind that you should always begin your sentences on a sentence with a question. You can then use questions to make your sentences flow and be less awkward.Latin American student samples of stories require that you also take into account how you want to finish the essay. Of course, you can use the sentence in question and end it the same way as it began. However, if you are writing an essay on a topic that already exists, it would be difficult to do without using Latin American stories. You need to make sure that all your points are clearly made so that the reader will understand what you mean.Even if you consider the essays as being difficult to write, you should not completely give up. Instead, you should try your best to break through the blocks that the writing has set for you. Make sure that you continue to practice until you have mastered the basics.If you try to write the essay after only a few practice s essions, you will never know where you stand. A lot of people are just too nervous to start writing and try to follow every rule. Instead, try to analyze the rules, but do not forget to add your own twists to them.Once you have finished writing an essay, you have to go back and read the whole thing. This way, you can see if you have made any mistakes and how well the story flows. Of course, you will never stop working on your essay when you do this. By only reading the parts you didn't finish, you will have a better idea of how to put your ideas into a story.After you have finished writing the essay, you should consider using the sample again. The key is to read the essay a second time and make sure that you don't have any grammar mistakes. The goal is to be able to use the sample as often as possible.

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The Simple Science Behind The Diet Plan - 1620 Words

The simple science behind the diet plan. Starting with the basics, we know we get energy from our food. That energy is measured in calories. We get that energy from three sources: Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins. One gram of fat has 9 calories. One gram of Carbohydrates has 4 calories. One gram of Protein has 4 calories as well. We also know to lose weight, one must take in less calories than he or she burns in a day. In similar fashion, to gain weight or muscle one must take in more calories than one burns in a day. These diet plans are based on calorie restriction and calorie expansion. That alone is not enough. The diets are both macronutrients and micronutrient balanced. With slight variation on which meats you choose, The†¦show more content†¦Comprised of 22g fiber; 39g sugar; 20g saturated fat; 13g poly un; 15 mono un; 3,977mg potassium; 83% vitamin A; 70% vitamin C; 323% calcium; 87% iron. Just as with the first, a legitimate multivitamin should be taken in accordance with this plan. Supplements (disclaimer: make sure you know how these substances affect your body before use) The number one question I’m asked, what supplements are you taking? I’ve tried tons of over the counter supplements, but I’ve never taken anything illegal. It s possible to be in amazing shape with a proper diet and protein intake alone. I understand people want fast results. People want immediate gratification. Diet and exercise are about breaking our western habit of expecting immediate gratification. When I started out, I tried so many of the boosters, thermagins, blockers, and enhancers. I honestly have found only a few things that had any effect on me. Caffeine: if used in moderation, as a dietary supplement can accelerate weight loss. Beta-alanine: the limiting amino acid in carnosine synthesis, meaning that its presence in the bloodstream is directly tied to muscle carnosine levels. Creatine monohydrate: the most cost-effective dietary supplement in terms of muscle mass and strength gains. Aniracetam: A nootropic supplement that has the potential to actually improve your brain and thought processes. Whey Isolate: Generally contains as much as 90-96% protein.The advantage of

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Essay about Justice in Platos Republic and Hobbes...

One of the main concepts in both Platos Republic and Hobbes Leviathan is justice. For Plato, the goal of his Republic is to discover what justice is and to demonstrate that it is better than injustice. Plato does this by explaining justice in two different ways: through a city or polis and through an individual human beings soul. He uses justice in a city to reveal justice in an individual. For Hobbes, the term justice is used to explain the relationship between morality and self-interest. Hobbes explains justice in relation to obligations and self-preservation. This essay will analyze justice specifically in relation to the statement ? The fool hath said in his heart, there is no such thing as justice? Looking at Hobbes? reply†¦show more content†¦In this first part of the response to the fool, Hobbes claims that in a state of nature, a covenant is beneficial if both people involved comply but dangerous if either does not comply. Hobbes makes this clear in Chapter XIV by claiming that one person cannot count on another to act rationally and that it is not safe for the first party to follow through for risk of irrational non-cooperation by the second party. However, it seems as though Hobbes is also hinting that reason or self-interest could foster a breach of covenant because if one person could gain by violating his covenant then he would. A breach of covenant is what Hobbes defines as an injustice. This would be in agreement with the fool ?s statement that ?to make or not make covenants, keep or not keep, covenants were not against reason, when it conduced to one?s benefit. However, Hobbes? second statement in reply to the fool appears contradicts his first. In his second statement, he asserts that ?when a man doth a thing, which notwithstanding any thingShow MoreRelatedThe Between Plato And Plato s The Republic And Hobbes Leviathan1324 Words   |  6 PagesHow does a â€Å"just† society operate? What are the roles of the individuals? One of the earlier concepts of justice dates back to Plato and his work the Republic. Plato constructs his ideal state to find the meaning of Justice and dissects human nature and its role in society in doing so. Overall, he described justice in a hypothetical society where every individual does what they are best as. His ideal society is where individuals must perform its appropriate role and each must be in the right positionRead MoreJohn Locke And John Stuart Mill s On Liberty Essay1748 Words   |  7 Pagesconception of liberty and the role the individual plays in society and to the state. Whereas, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and John Stuart Mill have developed a more modernized conception of liberty and the role of the individual to the state and society. Plato’s work the Republic, and Aristotle’s works of literature Nicomachean Ethics, and Politics will be contrasted against Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, John Locke’s Second Treatise, and John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty. The literature works of the politicalRead MoreReconciling The Divergence Of The Nature Of Man Between Classic And Modern Thinkers1425 Words   |  6 PagesNature of Man between Classic and Modern Thinkers Within Book 2 of Plato’s work The Republic, Socrates’ companion Glaucon describes the tale of the ring of Gyges, challenging Socrates on the nature of man. Within the ring of Gyges scenario, Glaucon posits that when an individual has the power granted by a ring of absolute invisibility that grants impunity, â€Å"no one [†¦] would be so incorruptible that he would stay on the path of justice or stay away from other people’s property, when he could take whateverRead MoreThomas Hobbes And Plato s The Leviathan And The Republic1496 Words   |  6 Pagesfor the term â€Å"justice†. The philosophers Hobbes and Plato both exhibit their own beliefs towards its interpretation through their respective stories, the Leviathan and the Republic. Instead of simply stating his view, Plato takes it to another level. He brings up a multitude of possibilities for the meaning of justice, arguing with himself and shooting down his own theories. The purpose of his Rep ublic is to find the best and most logical definition of justice through discussion. Hobbes discusses variousRead MoreThe Philosophy of Thomas Hobbs Essay1748 Words   |  7 PagesThomas Hobbss philosophy Hobbes Moral: Thomas Hobbes is known best for his political thought and the English philosopher. The vision of Hobbes for the world is still relevant to modern politics. He always focus the problems of social and political order: that how human beings can keep away the terror of civil and difference to live together in peace and got authorize to decide every social and political matter. Otherwise state of nature anticipate us and closely remind us of civil war where thereRead MorePolitical Philosophy Is Not Just Applied Moral Philosophy Essay2560 Words   |  11 PagesIntroduction: Political philosophy is the study of basic questions about the state, government, politics, liberty, justice etc. political philosophy is concerned with the concepts and arguments involves in political opinion. It is ethics applied to a group of people, discusses about societies set up.In political philosophy it is important to know what ought to be a person’s relationship in a society. This seeks application of ethical concepts to social sphere. It is a standard which help to analyzeRead MoreEssay on Varying Ideas on What Makes a Just Society1147 Words   |  5 Pagesstates that the consent of the govern is applied to serve its citizens with the best laws and regulations to keep the people in a state of contempt and delectation. Governments are supposed to protect and give the people of a nation the rights and justice they deserve with the consent of the governed. If humans are treated fairly and justly then the people will respect the government and not cause chaos. Just s ocieties start from a stable form of government and work their down to the people of societyRead MoreWhat is Justice? Essay examples1501 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is Justice? Justice, for the great Greek philosophers of ancient times and even for the great philosophers of today, is a controversial issue and has been up for immense discussion and review. The nature of justice and injustice has been stated and reviewed many times, however, the origin of the reviewing comes from the Greek Thrasymachus, whos thesis is later reviewed and modified by Glaucon. Glaucons position is revised yet again by Thomas Hobbes, whos version is now the accepted formRead MoreA Critical Discussion of the Theory of Justice by John Rawls1569 Words   |  7 PagesFinance Business Ethics and Corporate Governance BAC 223 (One) An essay on the Theory of justice by John Rawls Mr. F D Bisika 7th March 2013 Steve Tseka – third year A-BAF/2013/1/45 Distance learning Page 1 of 5 Critical discussion on the central features of John Rawls’ Theory of Justice John Rawls is an American philosopher who was born in 1921 and died in the year 2002. In His books, Theory of Justice and Justice and fairness published in 1971 and 1958 respectively, Rawls is noted for being a socialRead MoreThe s Defence Of Injustice1733 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay I will discuss Glaucon’s defence of injustice, which he presents to Socrates in book 11 of Plato’s The Republic. For the purposes of this paper, I will focus on the overriding theme in Glaucon’s argument; that we are only just for the sake of consequences and will conclude by agreeing with this notion. Glaucon, dissatisfied with previous appraisals of justice, seeks to challenge Socrates by strengthening Thrasymachus’ defence of injustice in book 1. ‘This is exactly what he gives us

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A Brief Note On Technology s Gender Bias - 1167 Words

Ashley Ly Professor Westermark Geography 146: Feminist Geography 19 October 2015 Technology’s Gender Bias Society’s entrenched views of gender and identity are unconsciously shaped by a continuous changing platform of time and space. From the assigned literature of the first half of the class, I was exposed to ideas of how gender and identity influences a place, and how western society projects their ideology through minuscule details, all of which I never took into consideration but soon later began to analyze in my day-to-day life routine. Overall I truly appreciated and enjoyed the readings and in particular, Linda McDowell’s literature, Gender, Identity, and Place: Understanding Feminist Geographies. While I agree with McDowell’s significant acknowledgement of the importance of how gender and identity interconnects with different spheres of power and adverse places, along her empirical analysis of gender and identity in various social settings, she fails to thoroughly acknowledge the relevancy of technology, a huge component of today’s culture life and spa ces. As it is McDowell’s purpose to reveal the interconnectedness of gender, identity, and geography, I believe she should have recognized how technology associates with numerous geographic aspects, especially in today’s rapidly advancing technological time and place. McDowell’s empirical evidence of gender and identity interconnecting with places of the home, the community, and the public, all exercise a degree ofShow MoreRelatedIs Homosexuality Or Not?1491 Words   |  6 Pagessome people argue that homosexuality is genetic, some people also believe that it is nature and not nurture. Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Genetic processes work in combination with an organism s environment and experiences to influence development and behavior, often referred to as nature vs nurture. Trait inheritance of genes is still a primary principle of genetics in the 21st century. Modern genetics has expanded beyond inherita nce to studyingRead MoreIs Homosexuality Or Not?1707 Words   |  7 Pagessome people argue that homosexuality is genetic, some people also believe that it is nature and not nurture. Genetics is the study of genes, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms. Genetic processes work in combination with an organism s environment and experiences that influence development and behavior of the organism, often stated to as nature vs nurture. Trait inheritance of genes is still a main principle of genetics in the 21st century. Modern genetics has expanded beyond inheritanceRead MoreSports17363 Words   |  70 Pagesbeyond, sportscasters—the â€Å"Jockocracy† issue, sportscasters as celebrities, and sportscaster profiles) Chapter 6. Sociocultural perspectives on sports and sportscasting (pervasiveness and salience of sports, role modeling/heroes, and issues—racial and gender consideration) Chapter 7. Practicum on sportscasting Chapter 8. Future concerns and co nsiderations about sports and sportscasting Designed for teachers and students, as well as anyone interested in the topic, the Exercises in Sportscasting includesRead MoreSports17369 Words   |  70 Pagesbeyond, sportscasters—the â€Å"Jockocracy† issue, sportscasters as celebrities, and sportscaster profiles) Chapter 6. Sociocultural perspectives on sports and sportscasting (pervasiveness and salience of sports, role modeling/heroes, and issues—racial and gender consideration) Chapter 7. Practicum on sportscasting Chapter 8. Future concerns and considerations about sports and sportscasting Designed for teachers and students, as well as anyone interested in the topic, the Exercises in Sportscasting includesRead MorePsychological Assessment4771 Words   |  20 PagesAssessment 5 1.2.4. Testing and Assessment 5 1.2.5. Psychometric Testing and Assessment 5 1.3. THE USE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT 5 1.4. THE VALUE OF PSYCHOLIGICAL ASSESSMENT IN INDUSTRY 5 2. FAIRNESS AND BIAS IN SOUTH AFRICAN CONTEXT 6 2.1. THE CONCEPT OF FAIRNESS AND BIAS 6 2.2. THE DEVELOPMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT PRACTICES IN SOUTH AFRICA 7 2.2.1. Early Use (Pre-Apartheid Era) of Psychological Assessments 7 2.2.2. Development of Tests During the Apartheid Era 7 2Read MoreTraditional African Family19679 Words   |  79 Pagesrequire preparatory reading that could be set as homework before the lesson. Teachers’ notes are provided for each lesson plan. These notes include guidance for lesson aims, the resources and time needed and the appropriate Introduction Sociological perspectives page references from Sociology Themes and Chapter 1 Social stratification Perspectives. (Clicking on the ‘handout’ button will Chapter 2 Sex and gender take you Chapter 3 directly to ethnicity and nationality The Race, the appropriate handoutRead MoreA Student Of Generation X Essay2100 Words   |  9 Pagesstopped tinkering and asked mark to call a tow truck. 30 minutes later a Tow truck arrived. As the man approached the car he looked over and smiled at Josie as she stood in front of the car in her bright pink dress and polka dot shoes. He nodded a brief hello to Josie and walked over to the passenger side where Mark was seated. He lowere d his head and calmly said... Good Afternoon Sir, what seems to be the problem? II. Literature and Research As a member of generation X, I’ve always been told aRead MoreThe Media and Political Campaigns Essay2354 Words   |  10 PagesBrief Introductory Summary It has long been said that the media has the potential to make a candidate known as well as make a well known candidate become unpopular by giving either more media coverage or media blackout. It is interesting to see just how the media can play with people’s psychology and influence their decisions to a great length. In this issue paper, the learner investigates the contribution that the media has on political campaigns. The major issue under concern in this paper isRead MoreGender Pay Gap14271 Words   |  58 PagesIntroduction * Overview * Background * Current Situation * Outlook * Pro/Con * Chronology * Short Features * Maps/Graphs * Bibliography * The Next Step * Contacts * Footnotes * About the Author * * Comments | Gender Pay Gap | Are women paid fairly in the workplace? | March 14, 2008 †¢ Volume 18, Issue 11 | By Thomas J. Billitteri Introduction Former Goodyear manager Lilly Ledbetter won more than $3 million in a pay-discrimination suit against the tire firmRead MoreCrowdfunding20722 Words   |  83 Pagesthe possible occurrence of selection bias. The first problem arises because we would like to know the difference between the participants’ outcome with and without treatment. Clearly, we cannot observe both outcomes for the same individual at the same time. Taking the mean outcome of nonparticipants as an approximation is not advisable, since participants and nonparticipants usually differ even in the absence of treatment. This problem is known as selection bias and a good example is the case where

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Security Management IT Related Risk Management

Question: Describe about the Security Management for IT Related Risk Management. Answer: Introduction Security management is the type of identification for organisation assets, which is followed by the documentation; development and it also implement the policy and procedure for protecting the assets of an organisation. Any organisation uses the security management process for the risk assessments and risk analysis to identify the threats, rate system vulnerabilities and categories assets. All this are done to implement some effective control to the organisation. Information security management system is a policy which is concerned with information security management or IT related risks (Hassan, 2010). Security threats The company Boston dynamic is getting attack by the security threats denial of service which attacks the machine or network resources. It temporarily interrupts or suspends the service or host which has been connected to the internet. Denial of service typically accomplished by the by flooding the targeted machine or the resources. This denial of service attacks the company security. It has been done by the competitor company as the Boston dynamic was having a good profit, so the competitor company is feeling jealous of it. So they attack the Boston dynamic to spoil the work of the company (Kosch, 2009). Denial of service When there is an attack of the denial service on the computer than the network performance of the machine goes slow. The website of the organization does work properly; there is a problem in accessing the website of the company. The number of spam emails is received in the email website. It also affects the internet service. Denial of Service attack is a type of network attack which is designed to target the network or machine with a huge amount of useless traffic which is overloaded and eventually bring it down to the knees. The main intention of the DoS attack is to make the services on the target machine which is always temporarily unavailable to its individual users. DoS attacks are generally run out on web servers that host some important services such as banking, e-commerce or credit card processing (Needham, 1993). 1. The steps which are involved by the attacker are they use the denial of service attack which destroys the computer and interrupts the network security of the company. This is very common attack which generally attacks any network and creates the problem for the organization. After researching on the attack denial of service I found that in America about 911 Emergency response system has been hacked by this attack. This attack mainly spoils the company as the hacker hack all the information of the company and create different problem to the company website and some spam emails are sent to the client of this company which gives a bad remark. The consequences of this attack are it slow down the network performances and resources of the company and sent various spam emails to the client. To stop this denial of service attack the company Boston dynamic have to take some security management process which will protect the company and the documents of the common to getting it hacked or attack by any threats. Since the company infrastructure are divided into three part the corporate environment overall have 12 staff, IT department has 3 staff and some staff is for network security. All the staff of the company Boston dynamic should work with truthiness without doing any illegal task within the organization like they should not give the security code and vital information to the other member of any other company. It is the responsibility of all the staff of the company to work for the company with trustworthy. They should do not affect the company security. To take care of the company the CEO of the company should keep a view on all the staff and their work. To see whether they are passing out any vital information of the company to outside or not. So all the security code of the document should not leak to all the staff. Training: The workers are needed to be properly trained against any kind of threat. They must be aware of the internal as well as the external threat which may cause trouble for the organization. As per our find outs, if any kind of security mishaps happen then that would happen due to the human error, most of the workers showed inability and lack in knowledge towards security issues. Establishing proper security culture along with a well designed working culture would help the organization in creating awareness and seriousness to the employees. The checklist is mainly done to determine the involvement of human errors or changes in future. The Questionnaire will be used to determine the human safety measures in the organization. According to the IT security protocol of ISO 270002, the human resource of an organization must be aware of internal and external threats. I will find the involvement of the human errors in the auditing so that organization could take necessary steps to eliminate the possible human error in the functioning. Checklist: The risk assessment team make a checklist of the required aspect for the proper assessment. The checklist involves the primary and the secondary aspects of the organization and it will involve the required steps for the audit. The assessment checklist involves structured questionnaires or the work plan which we will implement for the audit of the organization. The checklist will involve the present EMEA security guideline and its findings of the security of the organization. The checklist will primarily require for guiding the audit team by referencing predefined criteria for the auditing. This will involve the auditors for the internal audit functions and for the checking the criteria involved with the organization ( Derogatis, 1980). Threats In a computer or machine, security threats are the most dangerous which exploit the vulnerability to breach the security and harm the machine as well as the company. The threats can be intentional or sometimes accidental which took place during any event or action (Young, 2009). Types of threats Some of the common threats which we see in the computer like , viruses which affect the program of the computer and also slow down the computer. Worms, this type of Malware uses network resources for spreading. It spread very fast and affect the whole computer. Trojans which infected the computer by an unauthorised user. It mainly comes by using different software and affects the computer. Riskware this software is not a type of virus, but it contains some of the potential threat of itself. The presence of this type of threats out the computer in risk (Parker, 1973). 4. Information security policy, ethics and legal aspects The company wants to implement some of the security management which can clear the attack and help to protect the company from future attack. So the company needs to do a plan how to implement and the company should provide a proper security training to all the staff so they can work on it well and protect the network and resources from getting attack by the competitor company. The best security management for the Boston dynamic will be if they implement the software which will protect the machine which they are using like if they use id and password system in their machine and put a software which randomly change the password after 30 minutes which will be known by the user of the machine. Then all the email and website will also be protected and nobody can hack the information and nobody will have the permission to open the machine without the particular person who is using the network and machine of the company. ISO 27002 Guidelines: Its is a security standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization. This is a practice manual for all the companies related to the security of the information technology. It contains some security measures and techniques. It was first introduced by the Shell and later on adopted by the British standard council and ISO. It has mainly three security guidelines related to the Physical and environmental security, human resource security and Access control. So the company Boston Dynamic should also use his guideline to have a security in their company (Distere, 2013). The company provides a proper training of work to the staff along with that the company should provide a training of ethics and legal aspect. The company should make some policies which should be followed by all the staff of the company. Since everyone has some ethics in their organization and also some of the rules and regulation which should be followed. Other then this I think every staff should feel proud to be the member of the company and do their task with trustworthy without affecting the companies task. Conclusion The assessment of the company is done by the IT staff of the company Boston Dynamic. The company is a robotic company named Boston Dynamics. The company builds advanced robots for a different purpose as per the requirement of the client. The company works internally and provide the robot after doing a proper testing and checking the algorithm. It has three infrastructure which has different staffs like 12 staff for the corporate environment of the company and 3 staff for IT and they all do the assessment for the company and it has been found that company has been attacked by the denial of service which slows down the network performance when it attacks any network of the company. Because of this attack, the website of the organization does work properly; there is a problem in accessing the website of the company. The number of spam emails is received in the email website. It also affects the internet service. Denial of Service attack is a type of network attack which is designed to t arget the network or machine with a huge amount of useless traffic which is overloaded and eventually bring it down to the knees. The main intention of the DoS attack is to make the services running on the target machine which is temporarily unavailable to its individual usersSo the risk assessment team make a checklist of the required aspect for the proper assessment. The checklist involves the primary and the secondary aspects of the organization and it will involve the required steps for the audit. The assessment checklist involves structured questionnaires or the work plan which we will implement for the audit of the organization. The checklist will involve the present EMEA security guideline and its findings of the security of the organization. So the company decided to use the ISO 27002 Guidelines, which is a security standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization. This is a practice manual for all the companies related to the security of the information technology. It contains some security measures and technique. It was introduced by the shell. 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